Tuesday, January 18, 2011

TMI Tuesday

I am wearing colored lip gloss, Dustin used to refer to this
as "Koolaid Lips"
Pattern Tights spruce up a black dress.
I may or may not be looking for 1st Birthday ideas already.
Dustin installed a "Big Girl" car seat over the weekend.
I saw swimsuits in the store and regret the cookies I had
on Friday.
I still haven't heard my test results, its nearly been 2
Our guest room/office is currently my tagging
headquarters. I'm selling (some of) my baby's clothes at consignment.
I haven't started couponing yet.
Avery is trying to crawl and has a tooth sneaking through.
We read about the "California Superstorm", have you?
The text alignment on the blog drives me bonkers.

So, this is TMI Tuesday. I think it could work.

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