Monday, October 25, 2010

Ryan. Watch. Sleep.

We went to Atlanta to celebrate friends' birthdays Saturday night. AC (Avery Cate) got a little rowdy so I excused myself from the outdoor patio, stepped onto the side walk and attempted to soothe her. A black SUV pulled up and I thought it was strange. Then two people got out and I was thinking that was a little extreme for the pizza place we were at. Anyway, they walked by and I turned and apologized for the noise. It was a familiar face. It was Ryan Seacrest, seriously. I, in my too tall heels, started back down to the patio and ran into Dustin. He saw him too, everyone did. I should've asked him to pose with my baby in an effort to make her happy again.

Turns out I didnt need Ryan, I needed to return her to the party and let our friend Casey feed her.

Tornado Watch. This is the kind of day where everything should be closed and everyone should stay home, an extra day of rest. It is dark and rainy which makes for a sleepy me.

(Avery's sleep pattern is "outta whack". Down at 9ish, up at midnight, again at 5 and slept till 8:30. We need to cut out the up at 5 and sleep until 7ish. You see, this is what we became accustomed to and now she's got something going on. No matter how tense I get when I hear her on the monitor, and I know this post sounds ugly too, I still love the girl and I l.o.v.e. holding her and rocking her back to sleep.)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I blogged last 19 days ago. I'm sorry.

I'm trying to be a good mommy, wife, friend, employee and coworker, sister, daughter, granddaughter. Blogger has fallen to the bottom of the list although it is something I truly enjoy.

My joys lately have consisted of picking out clothes for a nearly 4 month old baby girl, sitting on the couch with my man after our little one is down, holding her when she wakes up, taking care of my grandmother, chatting with friends while driving, fall weather and desserts and taking advantage of extra sleep.

We took Avery to the pumpkin patch, this weekend she is going to a festival and grown up birthday party, the following she will take a hayride has a duck and dive into November with pictures of her Christening gown.

Friday, October 1, 2010

You were missed

I miss my blog.
I miss my blog readers but we are living life in the fast lane.

I had to cancel date night with my love so I could clean our nesting grounds. Once my house is clean, laundry done, pictures uploaded and bags packed, I'll blog.