Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It is safe to assume that I wear sunglasses more than I probably should. If I have the slightest squint I pull them out and plop them on. Maybe my eyes are more sensitive than others (because I wear sunglasses all the time) but I've been known to wear sunglasses on cloudy days and at dusk. I can't stand to squint or the thought of the "crows feet" that squinting produces.

Any way, because I am constantly opening and closing a pair of shades, placing them on top of my head, or dropping them I am buying new pairs frequently. I don't buy the $150 pair, we tried that with Dustin (twice) and neither made it a substantial amount of time, but rather good name brands at stores like TJ Maxx. I even try to be practical (sometimes) and not get the latest style but more of a traditional look hoping they last.

Do you have any shady suggestions?

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