Friday, April 22, 2011

Special Meaning

We receive daily Lent Devotionals from our church and each are written by various members of the congregation. Yesterday, Maundy Thursday, was fast paced for me. We missed the service and the reenactment of the Last Supper and I didn't open the devotional until bedtime. Reading the story of Maundy Thursday (Holy Thursday) reminded me what this week, and the last 37 days (I'm not good with math) are about. I read each sentence a few times, each time a little more intense than the previous. After the author's prayer, which sought openness to allow us to change lives for Jesus Christ, I discovered the devotional was written by my grandfather. He is a retired Methodist preacher, he married Dustin and I and baptised Avery. His words have a way of soothing the soul. It was beautiful.

I hope you have a blessed Easter Weekend and, of course, I hope the bunny is good to you!

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