Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Strange Encounters

Dustin, being such a patient husband, was waiting for me in the parking lot of a strip mall while I finished grabbing a few things. When I made it back to the car I was told the following story...

Dustin was enjoying chicken nuggets when he felt someone hovering over him. There was a man standing at his window. Dustin rolled down the window and the man asked for money. With an honest answer, Dustin said he didnt have any cash. The man nodded and noted that he sure would like one of those nuggets. Dustin handed him a nugget. The man didn't retract his arm and walk away but asked for a "dip". A dip of sauce. The man ate his nugget, sin sauce.

This story had me in stitches all night, I could just see the wheels in Dustin's head spinning.

After more shopping and dinner, the nuggets were his snack, we got ice cream. Recees Blizzard thing for Dustin and fat free yogurt for me. I noticed an older lady sitting near us and we exchanged smiles. When Dustin and I laid down the spoons and headed to the trash, she stopped me and said "Sure did look like you were enjoying that ice cream." I didnt even know what to say, "Thanks?"


  1. freakin hilarious! Who asks for a dip into someone else's sauce!