Tuesday, March 8, 2011

TMI Tuesday on SB

I know it sounds like I frequent Starbucks often, which I probably do, but I thought this was worth sharing for the readers with a sweet tooth.

I was running late this morning and couldn't make my green monster (note: running late is generally the reason I swing into SB)so I thought I would grab a breakfast smoothie on my way in to work. Not knowing what kind of smoothies are available I was hoping for a slow morning and a non existent drive through line so I could take time to read the menu. As you probably know, this wasn't the case. Instead I saw a new poster for cake pops; instantly loss my focus and found myself reading cake pop flavors. Before I knew it I was at the speaker and it was my turn to order, I didn't see a picture of a strawberry banana smoothie like I had hoped for or any other semi healthy smoothie.

When I pulled around to the window they handed me a rocky road cake pop and frozen mocha drink.

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