Thursday, May 26, 2011

Free Style

Phew, its been a while. Life has been crazy busy with the new job, getting ready to go to Vegas and planning a 1st birthday party.
I realized, after I received several phone calls and texts, that I left the job situation up in the air. I am working with my mom now- doing marketing, advertising and sales. So far so great!
Vegas Baby, a bit of work and a bit of play. It's Dustin's first time going out West so I am very excited for him and I cant wait to share pictures.
Can you believe we are planning for a first birthday? It's just crazy talk! Miss Avery Cate is growing up more and more everyday. She is just on the edge of free-style walking. She will drag someone all over the place with just the security of knowing there is a finger near by but I'll think she'll let go any day now. (that sounds so dramatic)

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