Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day Tradition

I was celebrated as a mother last year, 7+ months pregnant. It was both exciting and not really "real" at the same time. I am very excited for Mother's Day this year. I dont need gifts or fancy meals but just a day to hog my baby girl. I can hold her and cuddle her all I want and I'll have an excellent excuse for being so stingy.

Over the years, as our extended family grows, holiday meals have changed. (Ex- my grandfather always did Christmas breakfast but my little brother, I mean cousin, and his wife have picked up the tradition. ) I am very excited for Dustin and I to adopt the Mother's Day festivities this year. Ours has a twist though, it's pot luck. I am not the family chef - they prefer not to eat my cooking and I prefer not to cook. They'll bring a yummy feast and we'll provide a refreshing outdoor environment (including a new garden where plants are thriving), plates, cups, drinks and an adorable laughy baby and spunky pup to play with.

Happy Mother's Day!

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