Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's Saturday

We slept in late today, really late. It dawned on us that it may be the last Saturday morning we get to waste, oh for the next 13 years or so.

Now that we are up, we are tackling left over items on the "To Do List" including:
Removing PMI from the rental house
Cleaning out the fridge
Sterilizing more stuff
Writing thank you notes
Unpacking and Repacking

I also have been pondering the question, "What if I need to pump or she is hungry at her 1st doctors appointment"? Will he wait an hour or so for us to solve this problem?

1 comment:

  1. Michele, those things work themselves out! I've nursed Noah in the backseat of the jeep in oh let's see- Walmart parking lot, Dick's Sporting Goods parking lot, BiLo parking lot, the pediatrician's office, the church nursery, the women's lounge at Nordstrom... you just do it! At the beginning, everything's crazy but you'll do great!!!