Tuesday, August 10, 2010

6 Weeks Later

I've been living in an altered universe for the last 6 weeks where all that matters is her.

I've done crazy things like dig through the sheets looking for her in the middle of the night or swaddle the dog and take him to the pack-n-play just to find Avery already in there, walked out of the house without any shoes and forefit a purse for just a wallet, phone, keys and diaper bag.

I was plopped back into reality today. 6 weeks=work
My coworkers have made it an easy transition and I've cluttered my desk with photos of my sweet baby. My mom is keeping her today but it's back to daycare tomorrow.

Tomorrow may be another story.

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  1. Ruthie, one year later I'm right there. The other morning- at like 4am!- I woke Joe up shouting that Noah was about to roll of the bed... um nope- he was in his crib. Like he has been for the last 12 months. And as for the purse, my nice bags are in their storage bags in the top of the closet- have you *seen* these clutches I started making and carrying instead of a purse?! haha I'm so right there with you!