Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oldies but Undies

*This post may be TMI for some of you.

To protect the guilty party, I'll use an alias. Bubba sounds good.

Bubba noticed a hole in his/her panties. (Please note I refer to underwear as panties for both men and women, I dont discriminate) Bubba was content with wearing this particular pair of panties regardless of the hole.

If you noticed a hole, a big hole, would you wear them anyway? I didnt think so. So after encouraging Bubba to do the right thing, toss 'em, the panties made their way to the top of the trash pile.

I told Bubba that I should probably look in my collection to see if I have some offenders, I know there are items from my college days buried in the drawer. Do you toss out panties often? Its usually something that people buy, adding to the stash.

Bubba also noted, wisely, "thats why people say "I have underwear older than you"".

Well, if nothing else, I hope this post inspired you to clean out your "drawers".

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