Friday, January 29, 2010

Dear Jelly

..But first, Progress on the butterfly mobile

42 butterflies and their trash

(Letter to Jelly)

Dear Jelly,

I would like to feel you move. This anterior placenta of mine is making it difficult for me to feel things, so when you're ready just tickle my tummy and let me know you're doing well. I've read that you can taste things now. Any preferences? Ok, sushi it is!

I have another favor.. We get to see you next Friday, a week from today. Would you be so kind to spread your legs and let the doctor tell mommy and daddy if your hospital bow will be pink or blue? I will treat you with ice cream if you help us out!

See that boy? That's Jake. If you are a girl, he will be one of your boyfriends (just don't tell your daddy). If you are a boy, he is going to be one of your best buds! Regardless, he knows you're in my tummy and he is excited to meet you.



PS- did you enjoy that sour apple sucker as much as I did? I hope we get waffles in the morning.

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