Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Once a week, for Three Weeks

We heard our baby's heartbeat on January 8th. Prior to this we had 2 ultrasounds, so we have seen the heartbeat just not heard the incredibly fast beating.

Last Thursday I called the doctor after having 24 hours on continuous pain in my lower abdomen. They saw me immediately. Dustin was at work and was unable to accompany me, for the first time. I was scared. The doctor said I had a hernia which was fine by me, I was thankful it wasn't anything worse. To make the visit some what pleasant, or what was supposed to be pleasant, he was going to let me hear the heartbeat. After minutes of rubbing this thing across me, he asked if I had experienced any bleeding which I responded "no". I knew what that meant. He said, maybe it's still to early to tell. I was freaked. I wanted out.

As I headed to my car, thoughts flooded my mind. Too early? I just heard it last week. No ultrasound? I wanted my regular doctor.

I called Dustin, the calm rational one, and he was a little worried too. I decided that I would trust the Doctor. I dint want to get into a habit of second guessing all the doctors in the practice, which I love.

Friday I picked up the phone to call. I didn't. That evening Dustin had a chat with "Jelly", explaining that it isn't funny to play games with Mommy and Daddy.

Saturday and Sunday I worried about the baby. We didn't go back for another appointment for 2 and a half weeks.

Yesterday morning I called the doctor. The saw me right away. The ultrasound tech explained that I have an anterior placenta, which is nothing to worry about. I may not feel the baby kick or wiggle for longer than most women and the placenta serves as an extra cushion surrounding the baby.

This is what we saw.


  1. Hey Michele...I love your new blog! I know exactly how you are feeling! When I was pregnant, if my arm hurt I would worry that something was wrong with the baby. I almost let worry consume me..but I just started giving all my worries to God and it really helped calm me down! I am definitely praying for you and your little baby!

  2. I had a hernia too and it wasn't very fun! Pregnancy can be a scary thing, but I think it's God's way of preparing you for a lifetime of worrying! Jelly is just being a silly little Girl who loves to play games!