Friday, January 15, 2010


I am discovering a lot of things lately, Just call me Magellan.

- We discovered we are pregnant last fall. I have daily discoveries about the excitement of motherhood, cramps, weight gain, things that cause me to freak out and call the doctor, how the baby is growing. Its a magical thing!

- Maybe this is linked to the pregnancy but I was introduced to these gourmet foods, and I've fallen in love. (again)

- I've rediscovered my love for shopping. I dont buy many clothes these days but I have bought something from online retailers almost everyday this week. A bird mobile, I'll show your pictures when it arrives, pants expanders, and checks. We ran out of checks weeks ago.

- New blogs have also been on my radar lately, including A Cup of Jo.

- I've discovered and mentioned to the DR that I would like to re-do the home decor. I'm loosing that battle at the moment but I think I'll make a strong come back.

- I am obsessed with this rocking horse. With helpful research from friends, we discovered that it is discontinued. I've got to find it!

- Discovered I've missed rambling to the world. Dont know if anyone is going to follow me or drop in every now and then, but I'm going to ramble for your reading pleasure.

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