Monday, January 25, 2010

Peace of Mind

I realize I should exercise, pregnant or not. As I grow stiffer each day I actually have an urge to get busy and I thought yoga would be the perfect thing. Not to strenuous, serene, and an entertaining way to stretch.

So when I found out that a local yoga group was moving two doors down from my office I was thrilled! They offer so many classes. I finally found "the one" for me and I called to register. I left a message. She called me back and we talked. I told her I was pregnant and she explained that they are starting their first prenatal class. Great, sign me up. Oh, it's in the middle of the day? Errk, I cant do that because I work. Can we go back to my original class? Two weeks later she calls to tell me that the instructor prefers not to have a pregnant woman in the class. (Steam comes from ears) So for two weeks you've dangled meat in front of me and jerked it away? Rude.

Oh, but she did say I could come buy a video from her and do yoga at home. Sure thing. I have yoga at home on the Wii and the instructor doesn't answer my questions when I cant figure out how she bent her torso in the opposite direction.

So now we are going to visit local gyms. I hope the yoga classes there allow ladies with buns in the oven.

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