Thursday, November 4, 2010


We are introducing solids to AC (Avery Cate).

She has had rice mixed in her bottle for several weeks but now its rice cereal and oatmeal using a bowl and spoon, a silver spoon. (My grandmother gave Avery a beautifully engraved silver spoon for her Christening) I quickly realized a single silver spoon wasnt going to work so we bought more, courtesy of Gerber.

Within the same week of introducing a silver spoon Avery started to exhibit a new trait. Dustin and I refer to it as attitude. When she isn't content she now displays this by bowing her back. Yep.

We are adding a lunch veggie next week and I am considering silicon spoons.

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  1. I'm a fan of these silicone spoons: I haven't used these, but they are lower cost and have good reviews:

    And I wonder from which side of the family she gets an attitude? Certainly not the Fergerson side ;)