Monday, December 13, 2010

Its True

I hope I dont disappoint you. I was disappointed with myself until I made a list of pros and cons. (I love to make lists)

Facebook. I signed off a month and ten days ago.

I've miss keeping in touch with people. The thing about FB that drove me crazy is the thing that makes me want to go back. Everyone takes to their status to share good news, exciting times and even sad ones. I understand they could tell everyone at once and its an extra five minutes to call or send separate texts but in short, I miss out on these moments because I'm not on the social network.

Going back I will limit the time I spend on the site and choose to avoid those who bog down the homepage with negativity.

Recently, I've heard about my own baby being posted and me not being able to see her new pictures.

I hoped my vacation would last at least until 2011.

Pitiful? Maybe but this should take your mind off things..