Thursday, December 2, 2010


The Christmas Parade is tonight! I cant wait for Avery Cate to see all the lights, hear the music and cuddle close with me to keep warm. (don't fret, we are sitting in the back of the car)

Of course, she dressed festive for the event.

I was unloading all of her things this morning at daycare and I noticed she was gone. Out of her car seat and out of the room. She's getting new skills every day but I don't think unbuckling, crawling or walking are her thing just yet. Also missing was one of her teachers.

Just in time for me to give her kisses before I left, the teacher brings Avery back from her own parade around the classrooms to show off her festive attire.

It's a Parade Day!


  1. It's the parade day in our town too! Where do you live?

  2. We are in Rome, but Cartersville and Rockmart are having them too. Must be the day!

    Where are you guys?