Friday, December 3, 2010


(Random but it just tickles me when I hear that you guys read this thing!)

We are starting to develop Christmas traditions for our little family, I love it! You already know that we set up our tree early, ok really early, and that we go to the Christmas Parade. (oh, how did that go? she slept through half but watched the other half gleefully bundled in a fuzzy jjcole) This weekend we are going to ride the Pink Pink, it will be a first for both Dustin and Avery, I'm equally excited for both. I wanted to take them both to the Festival of Trees but after getting their hopes up, I found out it doesnt exist any more. Scratch that for a tradition.

Christmas Eve we will leave cookies and milk for Santa, on one of the three sets we have. How did we get three? (thanks for asking) I mentioned it to Mom, and of course, she was on top of this and bought one last year for little Avery. After searching "everywhere" and not finding it, we bought a second. It's cute but a week later we found a set at Pier 1, combining this round one, the salad plus the mug, and thought it was perfect! That same afternoon, we were decorating Mom and Dad's tree.. yep, we found the original cookies for Santa set. So thats the story of the three. Glad you asked? So, back to traditions, growing up we read the Christmas story every Christmas Eve. I think our (for now) trio will do the same.

For your patience, and my joy, here are some pictures.

The Parade

Santa Baby

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  1. LOVE LOVE the traditons! And I love Avery's Christmas clothes...TOO CUTE! :)