Monday, December 20, 2010

On Beauty Products

I've never been good at putting on makeup, doing my hair, maintaining my nails, ect.
Just recently I have started feeling like I'm aging. Wrinkles. I started using face lotion and conditioner. I've purchased stuff to make the wrinkles under my eyes disappear and new concealer to conceal my dark eyes.
Not being savvy on beauty trends, I want to know what you use.
What makes your skin glow and (if you have them) wrinkles vanish?

PS I am doing before and after pictures of my wrinkled eyes. They really pop when I smile and I smile a lot these days.


  1. My skin has LOVED me ever since I started using bareminerals skin products....I have never ever seen my skin go from terrible to glowing like when I used these products.

  2. I have learned that wrinkles aren't such a bad thing. Wrinkles around the eyes and the labial folds by your mouth mean you have spent your life laughing and there's nothing better than that!

    BTW, when I saw you at the store today, I didn't notice any wrinkles. I only noticed the light in your eyes when we were talking about little Avery's smiles and sweet disposition.

    Don't worry about the wrinkles.