Friday, April 30, 2010


My first decal came in the mail yesterday. Well there are three 4ft decals in the set. Problem- still no place to put them.

In my mind, the 2nd bath was going to be "her bathroom" and not just the 2nd bath anymore. It was an afterthought to ask Dustin what he thought of the situation and he, not knowing my idea, stated it should remain a guest friendly bathroom. Hmm.

Now I have 4ft tall powder pink dandelions, seeds falling as if they've been lightly blown by a little girl, and no place to put them.

I have yet to purchase the ones for her "accent wall".


  1. That decal sounds precious! Could you put it in her room?

  2. I agree that the 2nd bath should stay guest-friendly (unless you want people going through your bedroom to use the bathroom), but would dandelions make it unfriendly for guests? I think that people could still adequately use the facilities with flowers on the wall. No?