Thursday, April 8, 2010

Frumpy Fashion

DISCLAIMER- I am not a fashion expert nor do I claim to be.

Do you have "What to Wear Days"? I do. I have even more now except they are "What Can I Wear Days". I think when you look good you feel good.

Dont get me wrong, I do love to throw on comfy clothes and lounge but for the most part I try to put myself together. A good day can go bad if I am uncomfortable in my appearance. I dont think I'm vain, maybe you think so but I think it's a sense of self respect. I especially get frazzled if I dont think my man is digging my attire. (Babe, this is why I try on so many things for your approval. I can tell when you sincerely like the outfit and when you just say yes because the game is on.)

Anyway, this ramble was triggered by a wardrobe malfunction today. If its a dreary day or if things aren't going your way, try tossing on an outfit that makes you smile. Let me know if your frown turns upside down.


  1. I think pregnant women always look adorable, but I do feel you on those frumpy days. I think we all have them. Too bad its a new outfit that usually makes me feel better. My husband isn't fond of that.
    I enjoy your blog!

  2. Aw thanks. Yes the new outfit is usually my cure too!