Thursday, April 15, 2010


I know you're here. I see you.
Today is a day where I need you to respond to me, my virtual followers.

I love music, love it. I've never had an ipod and my CD collection is very slim and mostly consists of Christmas albums. I'm starting a playlist on my computer so I can enjoy music while I work. Before now I utilized AOL Radio or local stations, but then you have one genre all day long...

So, I need your help. Please help me think of songs for my playlist!!! Feel free to leave song title and artist, or one or the other works, in the comment section. I really appreciate the help!!


  1. What kind of music? And have you checked out Pandora? It's a website that allows you (for free) to create your own custom radio station. You can play it on any computer or on your phone/PDA.

  2. I love I also love anything from Glee- cute songs and great renditions!

  3. I'm a big fan of pandora dot com too! You can't beat that the "free" part, but you also have unlimited variety. Some days my music is more country, other days the mix is more oldies or classic rock. Its great! If you aren't in the mood for what it plays, you can give a thumbs down and it'll start a new song.

  4. anything Michael Buble or Jack Johnson or any of Glee's songs