Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dinner Disaster

Despite the fact that there are now two cooking posts back-to-back, I really am not a fan of cooking.

Last night Dustin and I went to the grocery store because this is a random week that we think we need to cook instead of eating out each night. The trip to the store was a nightmare in itself. Maybe there needs to be a capacity limit on the amount of shoppers allowed into the store at one time. To sum up our trip, Dustin dropped a jar of spaghetti sauce which splattered on nearby shoppers.

By the time we get home, we are pretty darn hungry. I started dinner and Dustin unloaded the groceries. I was preparing fancy burgers from a recipe that I found online. The burgers included bbq sauce, shake-n-bake, onions, eggs, garlic and cheese. To put a healthy spin on things, I picked up ground turkey for the burgers. (I've never cooked with this before) It was a nasty concoction to mix so Dustin mixed then I made 5 patties.

The directions said you could fry or grill the burgers. We fried 3 but couldn't tell if they were done because 1. I dont know what color ground turkey turns to when cooked and 2. the bbq sauce and shake-n-bake distorted the coloring of the meat. So we popped these in the microwave and grilled the other 2. Same problem. Dustin stuck all 5 into the microwave just for good measure.

With great reluctance, we each took bites of a burger. I'm not sure if the fear of not knowing if the meat was done or the bland taste was the deciding factor, but we tossed the burgers. PB&J for Avery and me while Dustin made a Roast Beef sandwich.

Tonight I'm making a pizza, with turkey pepperoni.

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  1. Ground turkey is done when there's no more pink. It's kind of greyish-white. (Or you could use a meat thermometer if colors are hard to jude.) The super lean turkey is terrible for burgers, though, and the 85% lean turkey has more fat and less iron than super lean beef. Try Laura's lean beef next time. It's in a green package near the other meat.

    But, I think that where you really went wrong was microwaving meat. Sorry :( Good luck with the pizza!