Friday, February 26, 2010

Bebe's Stuff

This one is all about our bebe.

1. Her name is Avery Catherine. I wanted a one syllable middle name so Avery Cate is debatable. Catherine is my mom's middle name. Well Kathryn is her name but we intentionally replaced the K with a C. It may be pathetic reasons to you, but I think the C is a very pretty monogram and at least it will be ARC not ARK (like Noah's Ark).

2. I wanted a particular stroller. I've seen it around but didn't (still don't) know what kind it is. I let go of wanting this stroller when we saw one in a fancy baby store that sold the frame (carrier not included) for $500. Yes, I think Avery should have the world and we are well on our way but even I could see that this stroller would not be a practical purchase for us. What did I love about this stroller? The carrier is positioned so that the baby faces you and sits up high versus bumping their toosh on the ground. Our solution was the Graco Flip It. It isn't $500 or 500lbs. You can use the stroller in a variety of ways. The baby can face you or face the front because you can literally flip it. You can adjust the handle so it reaches to the front or back.

3. My thoughts on pink may surprise those of you that know me. I don't want a lot of pink everywhere other than her closet. I can not wait to wrap her diaper bottom up in her frilly outfits but I think I will get tired of pink 'things'. Her travel system, as you see, is not girly. Her swing is the same pattern and red and khaki are the colors of her Pack-n-Play. Initially, we wanted this to coordinate too but it did not have all of the amenities that we were looking for. Don't get me wrong, she has a very pink tummy time mat and I hope she gets this stylin' walker.

4. This is her bedding. Please ignore the pink walls, hers will be a light grey.

5. I want a moses basket but I cant calculate an efficient reason for it other than they make great props for photos! Did you, or someone you know, use one?

That's all for now. If your taste isn't our taste, that's Ok. If you would like to comment on our choices, please be gentle as my hormones are not as balanced as they used to be.


  1. I ADORE the bedding you chose! and the name is devine! Let me know if you ever need any cute baby clothes...I make them and I have tons and tons of Charlotte's boutique clothing I am trying to sell in all sizes...oh and I do monograms if you ever need anything monogrammed...

  2. Noah's nursery is grey, too- it's so calming!