Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Sorry I've neglected the blog this week, Dustin and I have been a pitiful pair the past few days. It all started with a little cough Dustin had on the way to the church Saturday afternoon. By the time the reception rolled around the cough was a little more rowdy. After dinner, a fever. A blistering fever. We left the reception early, bid adieu to our friends and went to the hotel room.

That night was miserable. I was retrieving ice chips for him, and who's the preggers one? Just teasing. He was hot then cold. Up then down. All night. Early Valentine's Day morning we packed our things, stopped by Walgreens for medicine and headed home. He stayed in bed all day.

Monday he went to Urgent Care and I started coughing. After two hours of waiting they told him he had a sinus infection, gave him a steroid shot and three prescriptions. Not thinking a sinus infection was contagious, I continued to work through the day hacking away at my desk and growing a fever. By the time I got home, I had a fever a little over 100. A nurse friend told us to call the OB after hours folks. We didn't. Around 8, my fever breached 101 and Dustin called the OB. Remember he had a steroid shot and three prescriptions, the on call doctor told me I could take Extra Strength Tylenol and cough drops.

I broke the fever in the early morning hours yesterday but decided to hold off on work until the cough was tamed. I got dressed, packed my things and headed to the office around lunch time. Two hours later I took my coughing, sneezing, feverish self back home. I called the doctor again, during regular hours hoping they would change their mind, but this time they said Extra Strength Tylenol and cough syrup (not drops). When Dustin arrived later in the afternoon, we sounded like a choir of coughers. We coughed in unison and sometimes as each others echos. Last night was my night of misery, hot then cold, up then down. I finally settled sleeping at the foot of the bed wearing summer pjs with the fan on high.

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  1. I'm so sorry...I hope you both get to feeling better soon!!