Monday, February 22, 2010

Talking Points

In the order in which they occurred...

- We saw Valentine's Day. I'm not a movie go'er but Dustin would like to be, so I went. T Swift should not win an Oscar.

- Last Minute. Dustin was invited to play golf, twice, Friday evening. This sparked a debate because we had plans and I did not want a last minute impulse to affect these plans. Lucky for me the times didn't play out as he hoped and it was irrelevant after all. 48 hour notice is preferred.

- What were our plans? Baby Registry, remember? We spent close to 10 hours registering and purchasing things for our little bundle. It was completely overwhelming and I don't believe we created a cohesive and complete registry, but we tried. Cheers to my man for being such a trooper!

- Success. Mom and I were invited to s Kelly's Kids show. Being a new mommy and grandmommy, we'd never heard of this collection but we are dedicated fans now. They don't have many items for newborns as most items start at 6month size, but we made it work for us. I'm not sure which one of us is more excited to see the fall and winter collection.

- That hubby of mine thrilled me once again when he obliged to helping me rearrange the guest room and nursery. Our little foster child, "T", was in one room and the other spare was a guest room. We took apart her former room, moved the guest room down the hall and set up pieces of the nursery (which is in the old guest room). I love the changes already and I have a muscle man to thank for them! Once we executed all of this he decided to put together the travel system, which includes a stroller and carrier, and moved the new glider/ottoman from the living room (where he would like to glide and watch tv) into the nursery.

- Tight! I picked up compression hose today. These lovely accessories were prescribed by the baby doctor to help with my poor circulation. They'll be the next "Big Thing"!

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