Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What's in the Water?

Yesterday, my grandfather was telling me that there is more gunk in most bottles of water than from the tap - explaining that most bottles of water never see a spring. I drink bottled water or Brita water so this was not something that fell gently on my ears.

Do you believe things can be "in the water"? You know, things other than bacteria things like coincidences.

I work with 8 women in an office of 13. Before I broke the news that I was pregnant, one of my co-workers shared her big news. A few weeks later, we were waiting until we were 12 weeks, I broke our news. There were 2 of us, side by side pregnant, 4 weeks apart. Two weeks later, someone else shared that she was pregnant, a week away from me. There are three pregnant ladies in my office. The "something is in the water" comments started, and the other ladies reassured the bosses that pregnancy was not in their future.

For a few weeks I've accused another co-worker of being pregnant. She has a little boy that will be one in April and she continuously shot down my accusations. Today she confessed. She is pregnant too! This is means 50% of the ladies in our office are pregnant. She is due after the three of us return.

Maybe there is something floating in the water cooler after all.

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