Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Saw the Sign

I told you I gave up coke for Lent. It's been a little over a week and I havent had a coke but this isn't necessarily by my own accord.

Two nights ago I dreamed of a fresh fountain coke, the kind that burns your throat and makes your eyes water. That kind. The next morning (yesterday) I fought off the urge to stop at the gas station and pick one up. Instead, I walked to the building's vending machine, asked for forgiveness and inserted my dollar. It came back. I re-inserted my dollar and it accepted it but my balance still remained $1.25. Frantically I pushed the button to return my buck. For minutes I stood in the hallway hammering away at that button, my dollar never came back. No coke.

I stomped back to my office mumbling bad things about the vending machine. A co-worker offered me another dollar but I turned it down. I think it was a sign, a sign letting me know that at that moment I was stronger than I gave my self credit for.

Last night we had popcorn. Popcorn and coke are a match. For lunch I had chicken fingers and fries. I was missing a coke. I've been steadfast so far but I'm not sure I will make it to Easter. If I break, I will try to limit it to one coke a week.

For now, I hear you loud and clear Mr. Vending Machine. (Does a Dr. Pepper count? Those aren't my favorites)

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