Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I'll wish you a "Happy St. Patty's Day" in a minute.
We have two dogs, Graham and Charlie. Graham is our 4 year old, 5lb Yorkie that stays inside but this isn't about him. This is about Charlie our 1 1/2 year old fluffy white pup.
One evening when Dustin and I were driving on back country roads he spotted a puppy. Dustin is not the puppy spotting kind and if he happens to see one, he wouldn't stop. He stopped for Charlie. For what seemed like hours, we tried to coax her down (with chocolate because that's all we had) from the top of a small hill. Needless to say she finally came to us. She was covered in sticky bush droppings and filthy. After a deep cleansing in the garden tub we could tell that she was a fluffy white pup and her fur is as soft as a baby's blanket. (you thought I was going to say bottom, didn't you?)
Her new home is with us. We made her a cozy pad out on the back porch where she could run and play all day. We did not anticipate having another inside dog so Charlie stays outside most of the time. She was so very gentle with our 2 year old foster child and Charlie loves everyone.
Lately she barks a lot. Yes, we know that she is a dog and that is what dogs do but it stirs up Graham inside. We have tried several different things over the past few months to make her stop barking at the midnight air but we cant. With Avery on the way, we cant have dogs on the inside and out barking through the night.
We love Charlie and we want her to have a good home. Her shots are up to date and she was "fixed" last fall. She loves to run and play outside but is great when she's indoors too. Charlie loves to cuddle and give kisses when allowed. Dustin and I can't keep Charlie anymore but we cant just "turn her over" either.
If you need a loving dog, or know someone who does please let us know. It breaks our heart to let her go but it's for the best. We don't want it to be sad for anyone, easy to say I know, we want this to be a happy transition for everyone. Charlie deserves a good home.
As promised...
Happy St. Patty's Day to you, and you too Charlie!


  1. What kind of dog is it and how big is Charlie?

  2. She isn't purebread but the vet said she looked like a great pyrenees, a very pretty dog. She has maxed out her weight around 30lbs and reaches about knee high. She really is a sweet pup and great with children. I will post a picture of her.

  3. awww she is cute but my weight limit is about 15lbs...I hope you find her a great home!