Friday, March 26, 2010


So I'm hung up on the pregnancy thing- here are a few thoughts from yours truly regarding pregnancy.

- I don't think I've been a temperamental pregnant lady. I can remember 2 times that Dustin has said "I'm going to let this go, its the pregnancy". I think I've been more go with the flow than I usually am, I'm trying to let go of my control issues.

- (This isn't me being temperamental, more of me being sensitive) Someone said "You look good for 6 months" What is that supposed to mean? "Cant you just say you look good"?

- I don't particularly enjoy taking the progression photos, hence that you've seen 3. It's fun to compare the growth but I feel very exposed.

- I love when my Baby Daddy (Dustin) puts his hands on my belly or whispers to Avery.

- I do get frustrated seeing a closet full of clothes and being confined to a small corner. This just means I need to buy more "mommy" clothes, right?

- Pregnant Belly in bikini? I had no intention of wearing a bikini until several friends looked at me as if I had 10 eyes. I bought a bikini to wear in the Bahamas. (Oh ya, I forgot to tell you. I'll tell you more later)

- Glowing Skin. Before we knew if it was a boy or girl I took a quiz that would determine the sex of the baby. One of the questions asked if your skin was glowing- I said no. When my result came back as a girl, the quiz creator explained that girls take all of their mom's beauty (not saying I have any to take) and ladies carrying girls don't have skin like those carrying boys. I've had my glowing weeks- this isn't one.

- I ate 1/2 of an appetizer and had my own salad, slice of pizza and cheesecake for lunch yesterday.

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