Monday, March 15, 2010

Memory Loss

I do love being pregnant but I'm off my rocker! I frequently make in-cohesive babbles, cant remember my name or tell the same story multiple times.

The inability to remember things is part of Dustin's eh-hem, charm. I love the boy to pieces but it drives me crazy when he doesn't remember things. Yes, he knows this and I am not speaking behind his back.

For 25 years (minus 6 months) I have been able to remember pretty much everything. I think my brain would reveal an impressive collection of dusty memories.

Now there are two of us in one house that cant remember things. I went bazurk last night looking for my car keys. I didn't even drive yesterday. Dustin asked if they were in the living room, kitchen, my old purse (cause I got a new one!) and I repeatedly said no, no, no. They were, somehow, in the kitchen. I apologized. I was buying biscuits for myself and co-workers when I realized my debit card was not in my wallet. My mom knew where it was, in her car. Thank goodness for sane people, maybe they'll be the ones to find my memory too.

Maybe memory loss is God's way of teaching me patience for those who need reminding. I'm one of those now.

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