Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm All Shook Up

Some women exercise full out when pregnant, not me. I played sports growing up but never enjoyed just working out. So I hope to walk regularly and tone my arms. Right now I dont think I could tote Avery in her carrier for a lengthy amount of time because my arms are mush.

I am not faithful to my gym membership where I could walk on the treadmill and lift weights, I've just found better things to do with my time. When we go to the gym, I try to use the arm machines with Dustin but I dont think he likes chaperoning me. Once we finish the machines we go to free weights. I wander to the left side of the gym, because thats where the tiny weights are, and he heads off to the right to lift the big boy metal. I dont like people watching me nor do I like watching myself in the mirror. I quit about 5 minutes into it and go to the treadmill (without the weights because they aren't allowed). Due to my wimpy behavior my arms are not cute.

Problem Solved. We were watching TV and saw the commercial for the Shake Weight. I bet you've seen it too. "I need that", I pleaded to my hubby. "You'll never use it," he said. " I will, I promise". I saw it at Walgreens one night but he gave me the ugly eye and we left without it. This weekend, while he was playing golf, I went to Target. They had the Shake Weight! I picked it up, thought twice, and put it in my buggy.

When I got home I showed him my new purchase. We took turns "working out" our arms as we watched TV from the comfort of our living room. It works. A few hours later Dustin picked it up again to find out that his arms were sore. Wanting to see for myself, I gave it a few shakes and Ouch, it did work!

Hopefully between the Shake Weight and a gym membership I will be able to carry Avery around without breaking a sweat!

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  1. In NC, Trainer Megan Solly uses Shake Weight and sees the results that are promised. Great story from WCNC.com http://www.wcnc.com/on-tv/Does-the-Shake-Weight-work-86010827.html