Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Daycare Dilemma

Since the daycare discussion started I was determined to send her to an in home daycare and Dustin jumped on board a little later. We knew it would be more expensive than a regular daycare but I want someone to give Avery all the attention that we cant while we are at work.

We interviewed a lady almost a month ago. She has two openings this summer. We need to save our spot so I called for a copy of the contract. Within a month she went up $5/week. ($5/week= $20/month=$240/year which could pay for almost 3 more weeks of care) She also takes paid holidays, paid vacation, personal and sick days. We do have emergency backups but reading this contract makes my tummy hurt.

I'm going to look at a daycare today, with an open mind and my mom.

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  1. How'd it go? If you're interested, I can give you an overview of the research about what's important in choosing a daycare/preschool. I'm sure you'll make a good choice.