Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Your Choice

( I created a LONG post yesterday to explain the photos in Friday's post but it vanished when I went to publish it and I don't want to retype it all. I'm sorry.)

I'm letting you choose today's topic since I was MIA yesterday.
1. taxes
2. maternity photos

TAXES- brought to you by a hungry pregnant lady

We are having our taxes done this afternoon. Cross your fingers we get a nice rebate so I can get a new camera.

MATERNITY PHOTOS- brought to you by a hungry pregnant lady and her bag of chips

Dustin and I, yes Dustin too, want to have professional photos done during the pregnancy. We have been looking for photographers for weeks but nothing seems to thrill us and we are running low on time to book a May session. We don't really want studio pictures or an album full of my bare tummy and until yesterday that's all we could find.

We have seen several people use the same couple to shoot their engagement and wedding so I emailed the photographers about maternity photos. Unfortunately, they are focused on doing engagements and weddings at this time but were gracious enough to suggest another local couple with a similar style. After browsing their site, I knew this is who I wanted to capture "our moments". Even mom gave them the thumbs up!

We've emailed the couple (who is expecting their second baby) back and forth and I'm so excited! Although nothing it confirmed just yet, I cant imagine that we wont use them.

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