Friday, March 12, 2010

This One's for the Girls

Guys, I told you it's for the ladies.

So ladies, do you wear your hair the same every day? I fall into the "I fixed it why would I pull it back" category most of the time. I've tried the random braid, didn't go over well. I will do the beachy waves every now and then, but I still wear it down. I pull my bangs back frequently creating a pitiful "poof", only because they bother me sometimes. I'm just not good at doing hair.

A few years ago I could blow dry my hair straight leaving minor areas for the straightener to attack but I think I left those skills in the old apartment. When my hair was in a short bob I rocked the velcro rollers. I don't even use product these days unless I'm going for the wave- even then it's just hairspray.

I need easy-to-do styles. Do you know of any?

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