Monday, March 8, 2010

Rub A Dub

We were watching Family Feud this weekend and there was a question, more-so the answers, during the fast money round that I keep thinking about. (Fast Money is when 2 people from the winning get to answer questions for a chance at $20,000)

Question- What is the longest you've gone without bathing. The first guy answered "a week". When the next guy came out he too answered "a week". Notice that these were both "guys".

This made me acknowledge that I, brace yourself, hate bathing.

My poor mom and sister used to beg me to bathe when I was younger. I was totally tomboy- playing outside all day, going to soccer practice, wearing Umbros and ponytails 24/7. I would refuse to bathe.

I'm a little, no a lot better now. I still hate the process. I have curly hair and I've straightened it for the last 6 years. While I'm much faster than I used to be, it still takes time. Unless I'm in a great mood I don't like swimming. I'll float so my frizzies aren't out of control, but it's probably best not to dunk me, throw me off the jet ski, ect. If I wash my hair daily it gets oily so normally I only have to wash my hair every other day. And shaving.. ugh hate it too.

If I sweat, I definitely bite the bullet and shower, even if it's the 2nd one that day. I might not always fix my hair again, but I don't like to be sticky. Funny how things change. Not my proudest confession, but I just felt like I needed to share.

On a side note- read the following text imagining that you are in a nail salon getting your brows waxed, slouched down in a chair.This was my conversation this weekend- after the man told her to hurry because my husband was waiting in the car.

You have baby in car too?
--No mam.
You have baby in belly?
--Yes Mam.
How far?
--Almost 6 months
You biiiiiiig.
-- Yes mam, it's a girl
I have 4 girl, 1 boy. How I know you have girl.

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